During summer vacation

Can you believe that junior high school students get good score on the test if they study hard only for 5 days?  My answer is “Yes”, because I actually experienced during this summer vacation.

I am member of Non Profit Organization called “Teach For Japan” which tries to solve the education gap  in Japan.  I work in this organization as a student’s staff and we recruit other university’s students as a teacher.  If they are employed, they will teach some junior high school students for a few days.

One day, I went to Nara Prefecture, because that day was first day of the summer internship of my NPO.  When I saw the students whom the teacher will teach, they did not feel like studying.  Even though the students are bad attitude about studying, the teachers did their best, for example they prepared the class all night.  Finally, the students could get good score on the test last day of the summer program, and everyone was so glad to see it.

This story is the most memorable incident during my summer vacation.

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