My Hometown④

Which do you prefer a rural city , or an urban city?  I live in Kakogawa City , perhaps everyone says Kakogawa is so rural.  Even though Kakogawa City is the suburbs , there are some good points which you don’t realize.  Let me discuss the food and the residents in Kakogawa.

A cutlet, boilled cabbage, and demi-glace sauce…Regarding the foods , do you know a famous food in my hometown?  It is “Katsumeshi” , and this is a famous product in my hometown. This dish is a kind of a pork cutlet served on the top of rice in a bowl, but this is a little bit different from what everyone imagines.   The sauce of Katsumeshi is a demi-grace sauce.  How surprising it is!  If you have never eaten this dish, I recommend you to try it.

Regarding the living environment, my hometown is so safe and everyone is kind also.  Probably it is comfortable for you to live in the rural city like my hometown.  These days, Kakogawa is getting urbanized a little , in fact some popular stores like “Starbucks” or “Tully’s” are being built.  In short , Kakogagwa is more convenient than you think.

Why don’t you live in my hometown?


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