These days, many young people use social media to communicate with their friends.  However, some researchers caution us about the necessity of nurturing media literacy and a lack of interpersonal communication capability.  Let me explain the problems.

I fear the underdevelopment of media literacy, so we must nurture media literacy in children.  Everyone, including me sometimes misunderstands or doesn’t tell that the information is reliable actually.   We can get a lot of information on the Internet.  In other words, the false information spreads across the globe also.  Be careful to surf the Internet and to get new information.  You should check if the information is true or not.

Research found that people over-use the Internet, so we should take the time to communicate with our friends in real life.  If you spend a lot of time to communicate with your friends on the internet and don’t communicate in real life, it may lead relationship problem.  Face-to-face communication is the essential thing to get along with our friends.

More and more people use a lot of social media to communicate with each other, but we must be careful about the way how to use one.




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